CLA provides community based residential supports to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Referrals for services are received from the local Community Services Boards in Alexandria, Arlington and Fairfax based on urgency of need. Services at CLA are provided in homes indistinguishable from other homes in the community and shared by no more than four adults as housemates. The supports provided are based on individual need and choice.

Individuals in our program may receive any or all of the following services based on a person centered Individual Services Plan that reflects their needs and desires as well as the need to support health and safety of the person.

Some examples of support include: 

  • Eating, bathing, shaving, grooming, toileting, etc.
  • Coordination with other providers and leisure time activities
  • General housekeeping, cooking and nutrition
  • Building social and behavioral skills
  • Making and keeping health appointments

Each person receiving services has the support of a team consisting of CLA direct support staff, family members (if any available), county support coordinators/case managers, advocates of the persons choice, and other providers as needed. The team helps the individual identify services needed and the staff of CLA ensures that appropriate services are provided or coordinated. Records of services and progress toward stated outcomes are kept for each individual in compliance with all pertinent laws.